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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bahn Mi, Bahn You- Vietnamese Pork Sandwich

Almost every Vietnamese has a fresh bakery department or orders in from a local bakery. This is not traditional pork sandwich, but using a different kind of meat found in local chinese restaurants.

Bahn Mi (fresh french rolls)
Pate, Mayo or Butter
Cliantro sprigs
juliene onion (white)
Pickled carrots ( vietnamese veggie section)
Fried Egg (optional)
Fresh Jalapeno
Sliced thin cucumber
Romaine Lettuce
 Pork Butt ( char xisu, recipe as follows)

Char Xisu
1packet of mixture
1cup of water
marinate overnight
Cook for 4-6 hrs in crock pot

Bahn Mi

Sliced Bahn, like a sandwich. Spread Pate/Mayo/Butter.
Add Meat (warm or hot) arrange cliantro, cucumbers, carrots, and Jalapeno.
Fried egg is optional. Enjoy ;